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    The excavations will be carried out for the foundation of the house, as per architect's plans.

    The foundations, the frame and the roof will be manufactured by reinforced concrete, according to antiseismic laws and under the supervision of the engineer.

    -Exterior walls will be made of double brick, which in between will contain felizol for sound and heat insulation.
    -Interior walls will be made of single bricks.

    The external and internal walls will be covered by three layers of plaster.

  • ROOF
    Concrete and roof tiles will be used for the construction of the roof, according to the architect's plans.

    All external and internal floors will be tiled. Our company offers you a large range of selections.

    Bathrooms will be fully tiled, walls tiled until 2.20m. The bathroom will be fully equipped including wash basins, bathtub or shower, as well as all bathroom accessories provided by the company's range.

    Kitchen includes wooden cupboards according to the plans, with colors of your choice. A double sink will be installed, a SHELMAN waterproof bench, a hood, a litter bucket as well as an INOX case for cuttery and a support for plates. The splash back will be tiled.

    All external doors and windows will be white aluminum with roller shutters and double glazing. Internal doors will be wood to the color of your choice.

    Ceiling high wooden double door wardrobes will be installed in all bedrooms in the color of your choice.

    Pergolas will be constructed according to the house plans.

    Lighting will be provided to each room of the building as well as to all entry points and verandas. Electric sockets will be installed in all rooms as well as two exterior sockets. Installation for a telephone appliance and for television, as well as the connection with the local electric company is included.

    The hydraulic installation will be complete and will include a water tank with the capacity of 1.000 liters, pressure pomp as well as a solar heater for the supply of hot water. Also, we provide the pluming for the washing machine and the dish washer, and the connection with the septic tank.

    Under floor pipes will be installed for future central heating. Also all bedrooms will be equipped with an air-conditioning unit. 

    All walls will be scrubbed, covered with a base coat and painted with three layers of acrylic color.

    Building permit is included in the price.

    Easy accesses will be provided to the plot and to the entrance of the house.